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The Creative Energy...


The Creative Energy...

Postby montroyalcity » Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:17 am

In the morning, we see in our soul the beginning of a new day. We feel that we are part of a Flow of Living and the Holy Ghost is the source of all living things.

Flow of Living is a sign of the free and full expression of tremendous creative energy. It is the name of China’s most sacred mountain, “Tai”, which is imbued with spiritual power. In the old days, the king would make great offerings at its summit of the mountain to establish a flourishing, peaceful relationship with Heaven. This is a time to create harmony with the greater Flow, letting its energy pour into creative manifestation, as a river flows down into a fertile valley. Pettiness is swept away downstream, and the way opens for free communication.

Great things become possible. The true scale of things is revealed, dwarfing your smaller concerns. You sense the powers that surge through your life, and know how far beyond your control they are – yet you can enter into true relationship with them and participate in Flow

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