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The Holy Rosary and Holy Spirit


The Holy Rosary and Holy Spirit

Postby montroyalcity » Mon Sep 24, 2012 2:17 pm

The Holy Rosary and the power of Holy Spirit

Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.

Almost every catholic would know about the Holy Rosary. Saying regular Rosary plays an important role in the spiritual life of Christians. For those who practice saying the Holy Rosary and meditate on its mysteries, they are getting closer to the union with the Holy Spirit. In this brief treatise, we would like to discuss the intimate relationship between the Holy Rosary and the healing power of Holy Spirit for the soul and the body. When saying the Rosary, we should contemplate and let our mind dwelling on the miraculous meaning of each phase of the Rosary, then gradually we shall come to understand the wonderful union between the blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit

Saint Alphonse Liguori, a well known saint for meditating on the “Glories of the blessed Virgin Maria”, puts Rosary as the most important thing of Marian veneration

In comtemplating the perfect union between the blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Trinity, we shall also participate in this union, even though our union could be limited to a certain extent depending on the grace bestowed upon us the Holy Spirit shall act in accordance with the promise of Christ to aid us in bringing out many fruits that suit each of us needs.
The Holy Spirit hears our prayer with faith, however in order to be closer with the Holy Spirit we need the intersection of the Virgin Mary for there is no other saint who is in a closer union with the Holy Spirit than the Virgin Mary. The humility and modesty of our Mother Mary pleases the Lord and this is one of the reasons God chooses her to be the Mother of his only Son Jesus.
Rosary is a wonderful way that leads us closer to the Holy Spirit who always dwells in our soul through baptism and faith. When say Rosary, we worship and offer praise to the blessed Trinity. We worship God since it is Him who creates all things and it is also Him who chooses the Virgin Mary to be the Mother of the Second Person of the blessed Trinity even before the Virgin Mary was born from Saint Anne.
Contemplating on the wonder and mysteries of the Lord’s incarnation, His death and His glorious resurrection through each phase of the Holy Rosary is the most effective way of praising the Lord. Indeed, let us praise the Lord in any circumstances and He shall grant his grace for each of us.
The Virgin Mary is the first apostle of Christ who knows the Holy Spirit intimately and perfectly, it is the Virgin Mary who receives graces from the Holy Spirit in a special and wonderful way. Throughout the earthly life of the Virgin Mary, the Holy Spirit always lives in close union with Our Lady. Even when Our Lady is a child, the Holy Spirit protects, cares for and keeps Our Lady in perfect purity and full of holy virtues.
After welcoming the angelic salutation from the Archangel Gabriel, the Holy Spirit helps the Virgin Mary in matter of spiritual discernment which led her to make the right and important decision when she agreed to take the responsibility in bearing Child Jesus
The Holy Spirit is always along side with the Virgin Mary, to support her during pregnancy and to console her and Saint Joseph during their many difficult journeys. The Holy Spirit protects and support the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph in matters concerning bring up and educating the Child Jesus and even in the most painful moment where Our Mother had to witness the suffering and the death of her Son, the Lord on the cross, the Holy Spirit consoles and comforts her and gives her strength and endurance. When the apostles gathered in the Upper Room to greet the Holy Spirit, it was the Virgin Mary who prayed for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to the apostles.
The purity of the blessed Virgin Mary is kept and protected by the Holy Spirit even when our Lady was still in the womb of the blessed Holy Mother Saint Anne. In this perfect purity, the Virgin Mary always lives in perfect union with the Holy Spirit which prepares her for the important mission later. The perfect union with the Holy Spirit and the mission of bearing the Child Jesus is a special and sacred grace that the Lord conferred upon Our Lady, Our Mother of tender love and care.

Special treatise for Vom Troi Magazine
Fall season, Montreal, the special season for building the Gallery and Editorial Office
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