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Relax for Power

PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:13 pm
by montroyalcity
Dear friends,

Analyze people who are really successful and efficient and they always seem to do things easily, with a minimum of effort. In doing so they release maximum power.

One of my friends, a famous businessman who handles important affairs and varied interests, always seem to be at ease and relax. He does everything efficiently and quickly. He rarely gets tired, always seem to have a lot of energy, always healthy and peaceful.

He never has that anxious, tired, worried, frazzled look on his face which marks people who cannot handle their life. I inquired the secret of his obviously easy power.

He smiled and replied, “Oh, It isn’t much of a secret. I just try to keep myself in tune with God. That’s all. Every morning after breakfast”, he explained, “I go into the living room for a period of quietness and silence. I read aloud some inspiration words from Bible to get us into the mood of prayer and meditation. Following that I sit quietly, and I pray or meditating according to my mood and manner, then together I affirm the thought that God is filling me with strength and quite energy. This is a definite fifteen-minute ritual and I never miss it.

As a result I always seem to feel that I have more energy than I need and more power than is required. In the silence and quietness I feel the presence of God and His Mother and I am consoled and my soul and body regain strength and vitality and with this renewed strength and energy I go out in the world to serve and complete my mission”

He told me about one of his prayers

“Dear God, you are our heavenly Father. You are the source of all energy. You are the source of all energy in the sun, in the atom, in all flesh, in the bloodstream, in the mind, in all the cells of my body. I hereby draw energy from You as from an unlimited source” Then practice believing that you receive energy and you shall have energy. Prayer driven deeply into your subconscious can remake you. It releases and keeps power flowing freely.

I am told that Roger Babson, the famous mathematician, frequently goes into an empty church and sits quietly. Perhaps he reads one or two sentences from the Bible and in so doing finds rest and renewal. Dale Carnergie, under tension and fatigue, goes to a quite place or an empty church to spend 30 minutes for prayerful meditation and in so doing regain his strength, healing and balance.

Indeed, many people are discovering that one of the greatest of all efficiency methods is prayer power.

Alert people everywhere are finding that by trying prayer power they feel better, work better, do better, sleep better, are better.
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